Has it been a while since you created with your Distress products? Maybe you have a bunch of different products sitting in your crafty space and you are not sure what to do with them? Join Cheiron for a night of creative play as she reviews her favorite techniques using Distress Inks,Oxides,Crayons,Paints and more.You will not make a finished project in this class,but instead go home with technique tags that you can reference over and over!

Cost: $ 42.00
Join the Mixed Media Revolution. This hot trend is all about letting your creativity run free, thinking outside the box and drawing outside the lines. In this technique-heavy workshop, you will be introduced to both basic and advanced approaches to creating layered and dimensional mixed media art. Using paints, inks, stamps, stencils, and pens, this workshop will focus on methods to make commercial art products unique and all your own. Techniques to help you create without thinking will be demonstrated and include monoprinting, drizzling, bordering, layering, scribbling, fusioning, and many more.

Cost: $ 68.00
Chris will teach Suminagashi ( Japanese ) style, which is marbling on water. He will also explore Ebru ( Turkish style ) which is marbling on carageenan thickened water. We will be using both paper and fabric. Chris Christman is a self-taught marbling artist living in Brooklyn. He works primarily with fabric but marbles paper as well.He established Brooklyn Marbling in 2006 and sells his line of stationery and fashion accessories on his website and in retail stores around NYC.

Cost: $ 135.00
Description: In this evening workshop, students are guided through the introductory steps of creating faux postage a.k.a artistamps using a variety of different mixed media techniques. Gathering inspiration from mail art examples in Jennie's personal collection, attendees create their own perforated stamp sheets! Students leave class with a sheet of self-created artistamps, a useful resource guide to continue their artistamp adventure, and a multitude of ideas for more mail art projects.

Cost: $ 48.00
Description: What is a Flim Flam book? Imagine the surprise of a pop-up book combined with the possibilities of a flip book and you will have an idea of the kind of flim flam we will be creating in class! In this two hour workshop, students create their own Flim Flam book: a structure perfectly suited for housing ATCs, collages, or showcasing mini prints. Easy to assemble and endlessly entertaining, this is a book that can be given as a gift or kept for one's self.

Cost: $ 48.00
Art journaling using collage and mixed media techniques ( acrylic painting,layering, pen work, mark making and more) has been a passion of mine for over twenty years. I love exploring new ideas on my pages and that is what this workshop is all about."How do you keep your work fresh, open and honest?" "How do you generate new ideas?" These are questions that I am often asked. Will explore the answers hands on in this workshop. We'll dive onto our pages utilizing my latest favorite techniques with paint, paper and pen.Learn how to open up visually while creating truly"unique to you "pages.I will share with you not only how I find inspiration but how you can take the ideas and make them work for what you need! "Please note that the ideas we are exploring also translate to other art mediums and fields"

Cost: $ 83.00
Let's start by doing collage work on our pages. We will then switch gears and start to explore a multitude of mixed media ideas in this fun and face paced workshop. Prepare to get messy and be pushed ( and push back ) in this expressive and new workshop. Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut with our color palette. Lean how to push past the same old and expand your use of color. Explore a wide variety of color possibilities using new collage and mixed media layering techniques! Learn how to go beyond the tube and get the look that you want in your artwork.

Cost: $ 83.00