Mono Print Painting

Mono Print Painting

Let’s push mono printing to a whole new level. 

Join us for a day long class in Mono Print Painting. We will dive into the basics of mixed media mono printing first and will introduce you to our Mono Print Painting technique inspired by H.N. Werkman. We will show you different ways on how to create elaborate and layered mono printed paintings using self made tools as well as stamps and stencils. We will share with you thinking process on developing the technique and how we put our own personal spin on it, so that you can take this even further. 


Supplies for students to bring:

  • Gelli Printing Plate - minimum size should be 8x10
  • 20 sheets of watercolor paper or white Cardstock - at least letter size
  • 10 sheets of cheap white printer paper
  • 8-10 colors of Acrylic Paint - soft body or fluid (your choice of favorite colors but include Red, Yellow and Blue)
  • Black and White Acrylic Paint
  • White Gesso
  • old hotel key card
  • Rubber Brayer
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Craft Knife and Cutting mat
  • small water mister
  • Collage material (little file folder with snippets, scraps, paper you like and found, book paper- anything you feel can be used in a collage)
  • a small piece of corrugated cardboard from an old box - for example a 6x6 inch piece
  • Brushes - Variety - bristle, medium flat, small round, fan brush
  • Heating gun (optional)
  • Cosmetic Sponges (bring a pack of 10-15)
  • Palette paper or Craft Sheet
  • Optional: T-Shirt or Apron to protect clothes
  • Journaling Pens - black - white - whatever you have and like
  • Archival Ink Pad -black - Optional
  • Baby Wipes and a Rag
  • Jar for water
  • A couple sheets of Deli Paper
  • A couple sheets of carbon paper (letter size)


We will bring to share: 

Birgit's Stamps

Birgit's Stencils

Birgit's Dies 

Nat’s Stamps

Nat’s Stencils

Charcoal Bars 

Self Adhesive Craft Foam Sheet for each student one

Grafix Acetate Sheets

Sakura Marker


Repositionable adhesive (SAby3L)

Cost: $ 165.00