Artful Transfers

Artful Transfers

Join us for a fun day of exploring and incorporating different transfer techniques into your art journal pages. The imperfect look of transferred imagery in your art journal opens up so much creative potential. Not only are there many different ways to actually transfer images, there are also many different ways to treat those transfers in your art journal. We will show you our favorite techniques and how you can make your art journal pages even more meaningful by using artful transfers. 


Supplies for students to bring:

  • Art Journal
  • 8-10 colors of Acrylic Paint - soft body or fluid (your choice of favorite colors but include Red, Yellow and Blue)
  • Black and White Acrylic Paint
  • Gel Medium Matte
  • Gesso
  • old hotel key card
  • Rubber Brayer
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife and Cutting mat
  • Newspaper pages - not too old with some nice images
  • 2-3 Laser Prints of a black and white photo 
  • Several images printed out with an ink jet printer - color and black and white
  • small water mister
  • Collage material (little file folder with snippets, scraps, paper you like and found, book paper- anything you feel can be used in a collage)
  • Brushes - Variety - bristle, medium flat, small round, fan brush
  • Bring one brush that is super cheap and that you do not cry if it gets ruined
  • Heating gun (optional)
  • Cosmetic Sponges (bring a pack of 10-15)
  • Palette paper or Craft Sheet
  • Optional: T-Shirt or Apron to protect clothes
  • Journaling Pens - black - white - whatever you have and like
  • Archival Ink Pad -black - Optional
  • Baby Wipes and a Rag
  • Paper Towels
  • Spray bottle for water
  • Jar for water
  • Artist Tape or Masking Tape
  • A couple sheets of Deli Paper


We will bring to share: 

Birgit's Stamps

Birgit's Stencils

Nat’s Stamps

Nat’s Stencils

Blender Pens

Clear Tape

Pouring Medium

Acrylic Inks

Acrylic Marker

Neocolors II 

Some black&white laser prints

Magazines (Glossies)


Cost: $ 165.00