Gelli & Deli :: Julie Fei Fan Balzer


  • Gelli Printing is completely addictive. It's an easy kind of mono-printing done on a commercial gelatin plate and once you make one, you won't be able to stop!

    In the first half of class we'll be making lots and lots of prints and exploring just what the Gelli Plate can do.

    In the second half of class we'll work on creating intentional prints -- think of them as collages of layers of paint -- as well as some ideas for what to do with all of those fabulous prints from the first half of class.

    Required Supplies
    Gelli Plate -- any shape or size and if you have more than one, feel free to bring them all.
    Brayer -- I prefer a 2" rubber brayer
    Liquitex Matte Medium
    Palette Paper
    Bristle Brushes -- small round, medium round, large flat
    Jar or container for water
    Foam Stamps
    Favorite Stencils
    Household Objects: legos, toy trucks or cars, toilet paper tube, pill bottles, potato masher, hair comb, etc.
    Acrylic Paint -- 6-10 colors including white
    fashion magazine
    manilla folders
    black permanent marker
    Optional: apron, rag or paper towel, heat gun and extension cord, Catalyst tools, baby wipes, paper -- I'll bring deli paper, you can bring whatever else you'd like to print on

Cost: $ 125.00