"when i use a rainbow pad with my brayer it always makes the colors run together.  How can i use a rainbow pad without the colors running together?"    David You need to always place the brayer on the same place on the ink pad. For example, if the left part of the brayer is on a particular color (usually the left side of the pad), it must always be re-inked that way until you choose to clean the brayer.  Also, roll the brayer over the pad, then lift it and roll again. Do this repeatedly- don't roll the brayer in a back and forth motion.  If the pad is dye ink, be SURE to store it horizontally- not on it's side. These pads will have the colors run into each other and muddy.

Just visited your store for the first time -- loved the selection! It's great to find a source of non-cute stamps.

Here's my question: have you had any experience with a re-usable mounting system? I have seen these acrylic blocks advertised that you are supposed to be able to velcro your stamps on and then reuse. I've never bought unmounted, not really wanting to deal with doing mounting myself, but this seems like a good option if it works. If you have any experience with it, or have heard good/bad things, please let me know. Thanks! -- Mike"      

Thanks, we're very proud of our large selection of stamps and related items.

I have bought unmounted stamps and used the cling vinyl technique. I must admit, at first I was happy but as time went on, the vinyl curved a little and often lost the "cling". Although still usable, I find I really like mounted stamps best. They just seem to be more accessible and at hand.  I still do get unmounted on occasion but if there's a stamp i know I will be using a lot I go for the mounted version, if available. I have never used the velcro system, but I have heard some good things about. Takes a little more organizing, and of course the stamps aren't indexed as you use the same block for many stamps. You may want to go on the stamping bulletin boards (such as Gingerwood- see our links) and inquire there. Hope this helps!  Phyllis

I would like to know if you carry the following products;
Perfect Paper Adhesive
Perfect fx embossing tiles
Krylon Webbing spray
any of the USArtQuest videos
any other technique vidoes   Lisa

Yes  to all.

Phyllis :)

I would like to know if you sell Magenta stamps and do you sell there catalog ?Also do you carry any how to videos?

Yes, we sell many Magenta stamps. We just love them. We don't sell the catalog, however, if you want one, call the store and we will try to order one for you.
The videos we sell are Magenta, Color Box, Ultimate Enamels, and The Art Of Glittering.
"Do you carry the hot stamping pen
by Atelier Terzler? Peter
Sorry, Peter. We don't. We will check into it though. You can call us in a few weeks to see if we will be carrying it. (212 463 9876)
"Phyllis- Planning to visit NYC in late fall, and wondering what lines you stock. Do you carry Rubber Stamps of America, Ken Brown, Acey Ducey Goddess stamps, Rubber Moon, Tin Can Mail and/or PSX? Also what brand(s) of permanent ink do you carrry? Anything unique to your store I should know about? Thanks for the info - will look forward to seeing you in the fall! Karen We carry many brands and types of inks: Ranger 123 Permanent (in bottles only), Adirondack, Archival, Kaleidacolor, seahells, Big and Juicy Dye inks, Color Box, Color It Guilding Pads, Encore , Daubers in Pigments Inks, the new Resist pads from Ranger and the new temporary Tattoo inks from Stewart Superior. We do carry some Rubber Stamps of America, Ken Brown, Tin Can Mail, PSx. I believe Acey Ducey Goddess Stamps are on order. We have a LOT of things in a small store. Hope to see you in the fall.

"Hi Phyllis,Could you please tell me if you carry this product at The Ink Pad . I am looking for Magenta's ""Virginia"" gift box template.  It was featured in the premier issue of Stamping Arts & Crafts Magazine. The elegant boxes were also on the cover page.I would like to purchase this template, but I have yet to find a store that carries it.Any help would be great!

Yes,  we do!!!. Just give us a call at 212 463 9876 and we'll be glad to hold one for you!
"Do you have any Charles Wysocki stamps by Rubber Stampede.  They're older stamps, but stamping is my new PASSION and I've always loved his art.  Thanks, Sandy"     No, sorry. We've been open less than one year so our stock is new. We have plenty of other great stamps, though.

"I will be visiting new york july 1-4 and would like to know how close you your store is from the sheraton towers. 

Welcome to New York. We hope you enjoy your stay. We are located in the Greenwhich Village area,  just a subway ride away from most places in New York City. We are near the A, C, E, 1, 2, 3, or 9 subway lines at the 14th Street stop. Ask the concierge at the hotel for further directions. Hope to see you in the store, Phyllis

"Hi. My name is Donna and I am currently living in Maryland.  I am in college and will soon be moving to Queens to live and go to school.  For the last 4 years I have been working at Trifles(don't know if you have heard of us) and I have really been spoiled with classes, etc.  Fortunately, there is a store in NYC! I have been to The Ink Pad; last November if I can recall correctly).  I do receive your Newsletter; just today!  So I checked out your site and here I am!  Anyhow, I will be visiting your shop sometime in the beginning of June and I was wandering if you have any demos planned or classes that I could catch when I stop by. 

I am so glad that there is a stamp store in NYC!!! Thanks again!!!

Hi, Donna. We're so glad you're here in NYC. All of our scheduled classes are listed on the Special Events page.  We're expecting to have a lot more in July and August!  We've been busy expanding the shop and will be working on that project all summer.  Check back on our web site often as we change it frequently or submit your info for notifications of changes on our site.

Hope to see in in our store and, again, Welcome to NY!


I'm so thrilled to hear of your store. I just moved to      N. J.  from Florida where I left a wonderful stamping
Store. Please Let Me know if you are holding a class on water coloring and intermediate stamping in May.
Kathy C.
Dear Kathy,
Welcome to our area! Please bear with us. We just put  our May and June Schedule on the web site now. You can check our class type and schedule on our "Special Events" page.
If you don't see the classes you looking for don't worry - I'm sure they'll be given in the future.

Hope to see you at the store or at a class.




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