Mixed Media Memoire


**Brand New Class...Debuting at The Ink Pad**

From Seth:
In this two-day workshop, we will be creating our own artists books that will be a totally unique representation of your individual creativity.

We will all start off with a commercially-made book, that will be completely gutted and reconstructed in a very personal way so as to be unrecognizable in the end.

This workshop is the perfect combination of project and technique. Through the creation of your artist book, you will learn several unique and versitile ways to bind single sheets of paper. A variety of mixed media techniques will be reviewed and in a manner of speaking, we will be “painting” without using paint.

You will be creating pages in your own artistic voice while at the same time being guided through a series of lessons which will include making pockets, folds, flaps and mini-books, altering personal photos, creating mail art, trying out various approaches to collage, using found objects, making commercial products your own, and more.

You will leave with a very special handmade book and a large number of mixed media techniques that can be applied to an endless number of future projects.

Supply List:

Please note that you have a great deal of leeway in terms of many of the supplies that you will be bringing, as each of your artist books should be uniquely your own.

Feel free to bring any mixed media supplies (dry mediums only as we will not be using paint) that are your favorites and choose the specific materials that you love and that represent you as an artist. Feel free to contact Seth with any specific questions at
[email protected].

Bring one commercially-made book.
--We will only be using the front cover, spine, and back cover, all attached. You can chose to remove the text block before you arrive or plan to do that in the class. If you do so in class, please bring a craft knife or scalpel. For the purpose of this workshop, chose a book that is approximately 7” x 4.5” (a little larger or smaller is fine), with a spine width measuring approximately .75”. We will be creating over the cover, so you do not need to worry about the design. 

Blank Paper.
--You will be providing your own paper for the pages. You can bring all of one kind or an assortment of different types. Make sure that your pages are completely or nearly completely blank. Any type of paper 
will work, such as watercolor paper, drawing paper, card stock, blank book pages, stationary, etc. Chose colors and weights that you like to work with. While many of the sheets will be cut to match the size of your book covers, please also bring in larger sheets of paper that we will use to create folds and flaps.
Designed Paper.
--Please bring in at at least 2 sheets of designed paper that we will be using as end sheets for the book.


--Bring in at least 3-4 8.5” x 11” or 12” x 12” sheets of cardstock, which we will be using as part of the binding technique and to create additions to the pages. Again, choose a color(s) that you like.

Waxed linen thread and a #18 bookbinding needle.


--Bring in an assortment of small eyelets of your choosing. You will need at least 16 but you can choose to use more for this book.

Eyelet setting tools.
Seth will have one set that can also be shared.

Fine gauge craft wire.
-Any color(s).



--Please bring your favorite adhesive for collage, such as glue sticks (several), acrylic medium, craft glue, etc. In addition, if you have it (or want to invest in it) you can also bring in PVA, the standard glue used for bookbinding.

Keeping in mind the size of your book, please bring in a number of your own personal photographs that you would like to include. They can be printed out on an assortment of papers including photo paper, multipurpose copy paper, transparency paper, etc.

Bring in at least 1 postcard, vintage if you like, that will fit within the covers of your book. We will be making a mail art project with it.

Assorted rubber/clear stamps including full letter set.
--Seth uses a lot of these for this project, so bring many of your favorites. I will also have some to share.


Ink pads in assorted colors.

Favorite mark making tools.
--Pens, pencils (graphite and color), markers, wax pastels, etc.

Assorted rub-ons and/or stickers, including many words/letters.

Flotsam & Jetsam. T
--This is where your personality will come out. Bring in ephemera, hand painted papers, favorite scrabook paper, scraps of fabric, decorative and/or masking tape, small metal clips, brads, your own small drawings, magazine clippings of images and text, etc. The contents of your artist book are only limited by your imagination.

Found objects.
--We will be decorating our own covers. You can use the material that are listed in the Flotsam & Jetsam section or you can also bring in an assortment of found objects, metal embellishments, etc. that you would like to see as part of your cover (see the workshop sample as an example). Make sure the objects are relatively light and securely attachable.

Instructor Will Bring:
--Assorted mixed media materials including collage material, embellishments, stamps, markers and pencils, rub-ons; extra thread and craft wire; PVA; assorted blank pages; 1 eyelet setting tool to share; 1 basic craft kit (scissor, ruler, etc) to share; book cloth for the book covers.




Cost: $ 198.00