Acrylics Demystified: Nathalie Kalbach

Join Nathalie for a full day and explore all kinds of different Acrylic Media – from Dumbledore to Merlin, from Acrylic Paints to Acrylic Inks, from String Gel to Pouring Medium, from Modeling Paste to Stucco and other fun stuff.

Learn their magic– and put an end to mystery on how to use these amazing helpers in your Mixed Media and/or Art Journaling projects.

Learn not only how to use Acrylic Media and when to use them but also put your own spell into 3 abstract canvases during the class. You will surely have as much fun waving your new magic acrylic wand as Nathalie!

Required Supplies
  •  Acrylic Paints (6-8 colors including black – soft and/or heavy body) – Nathalie prefers Liquitex but others are just fine
  •   Palette knife
  •   Paintbrushes (bristle brushes – wide flat, medium flat and a small round   recommend – if you have a fan brush-that would be great too)
  •   3 Canvas Boards or stretched Canvases (6x6 or 8x8) – I do love if they have a deeper edge- but that is up to you
  •   Pad of Watercolor Paper for example: Canson XL Watercolor Pads (we need surface to try things)
  •    Non stick craft mat
  •   Found objects e.g., metal pieces like washers, little lightbulbs, bottle caps
-       Water Jar
-       Apron – optional
-       Newspaper – just a couple pages
-       Printed out photos- 2 – Inkjet – colored and non colored
-       Scissors
-       Spray Bottle for Water
-       Paper of all kinds for collage (like a small folder- or envelope full)
-       Palette Paper
-       Baby Wipes – optional
-     your favorite stencils and stamps

Nathalie will supply:
Liquitex Pouring Medium, Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste, Liquitex Paint Marker, Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish, Liquitex Acrylic Inks, Liquitex String Gel, Liquitex Ceramic Stucco, Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso, Liquitex Natural Sand, Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel – and depending on weather and location – even some Liquitex Spray Paints

Cost: $ 120.00